July, 2004

And the Newsletters begin again!! We apologize it has been a while since the Newsletter made it to your mailbox. We promise to get them out quarterly in the future.

We are also pleased to tell you that we will be doing monthly email updates. We look forward to the ability of being able to let you know at the last minute of any special events or entertainment coming to Bias. To join this group, just click here to subscribe. We’ll add you to the list, so you can be included in all the last minute news.

We had our Annual Bar-B-Q Cook-Off in May. The Grand Champion was Dean Quick (Dizzy Dean).

In the chicken category it was The Village Idiots (Chan Combs, Frank Carlile, Chris Carlile and Darren Silkey) in first place. The Blue Turtles (Tim & Crystal Eggers, Debbie Bush, Susan Begemann, and Mark Kassebaum) finished second. Third place went to Keeling’s Outlaw Ranch (Kevin Keeling & Bob Burnett).

For Pork, Dizzy Dean took first, The Village Idiots were second and Smoke House (Doug & Sherri McKee) took third.

Beef was won by Keeling’s Outlaw Ranch, with Dizzy Dean in second and Las Locas Luna’s (Tony Luna Sr. & Tony Luna Jr.) in third.

It was a tough decision for the judges, and we want to thank Kathy Green, Ray Archer, Walt Tarde, Matt Brez and Gene Brez for all their time and effort. We couldn’t have such a successful event without all the help we receive from our valued customers and volunteers.


2003 Chambourcin Reserve produced from our own Chambourcin grapes; this wine has great body, and was aged with a variety of oak chips. It’s very pleasing to those looking for a deeper, richer flavor. We have a very limited supply this year, but due to it’s popularity, we hope to increase our supply next year.

De Chaunacmade from DeChaunac grapes; this favorite combines the fruitiness of Beaujolais with the body of a Merlot.

Victorian Red… We made a delightful update to our recipe and we are pleased with  the reception of this year’s vintage. Made with Concord grapes and sweetened to bring out it’s full flavor, this wine has pleased many patrons. You can rest assured it will be on next year’s wine list.

A Note from Jim Bias…

As many of you know, a couple of years ago, I decided that it was time for me to retire from the Winery business. Since it wasn’t feasible to have the family take over the business, I made the difficult decision to sell. Upon learning this, many of you expressed concern that the new Owners would change the atmosphere at the Winery, and it wouldn’t be the same. Perhaps the ones expressing their concern the loudest and most vehemently were Kirk and Carol Grass.

Who could blame them? They have been loyal patrons enjoying the Winery for years, have a boat named after one of our wines – “Jubilee Red”, own the Belgian Draft horses that pull the wagon promoting Gruhlke’s Microbrewery in parades, and have helped out at numerous events and festivals.

My children and I, along with the rest of the staff, are very pleased to inform you that Kirk  and Carol are the new Owners of Bias Winery/Gruhlke’s Microbrewery. While you will notice some improvements, Kirk and Carol are committed to retaining the feel of the place. I hope you will come visit soon and join us in congratulating them on their business venture and help them make it a great success.

A Note from Kirk & Carol

First and foremost, we want to assure everyone that Jim will be around. A lot.. if we have anything to do with it! When we would come to Bias as customers, the best part was a hug or a handshake from Jim or Norma, a big smile and a warm welcome. And then there was the Staff, and of course, the wine!

Jim has taken on the task of teaching Kirk the art of winemaking….Bias style. The wines will remain the same, as he has been gracious enough to share all his recipes with us. The microbrews will continue under the same tradition as well. Dennis Jay (Jim’s son-in-law) has already made a trip here from Tennessee to re-familiarize Kirk with the brewing.

Bonnie & Carol will be staying too! Whew, what a relief! You couldn’t ask for better friendsor employees. They handle everything that comes along with humor, empathy, tolerance and grace. What would we do without such loyal and long-term employees?

Bias Winery has long stood as the place where Kirk & I would go to relax and rid ourselves of stress. In the winter we’d head straight for the round table in front of the fireplace. Instant relaxation, just what we needed. In the summer it was under the grape arbor, or maybe down to the pond. And I know we aren’t the only customers that feel this way. So rest assured our biggest priority is to make sure the atmosphere doesn’t change.

Other things that won’t change….the Case Club will still be here, all discounts remain in effect. Carol, and her husband Mike (CJB Enterprises) will continue to do all our catered dinners. The facility is still available for Events. We will still have the Cook-offs, and all the prizes will remain the same. Basically, it’s business as usual at Bias! Even the phone numbers, web site and email address will remain the same. So if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

We would like to meet all of you personally, as well as give you a chance to see Jim and wish him well in his retirement. So we are planning a Retirement Party in Jim’s honor September 4th. We’ll have entertainment and food, so please mark your calendar and come on out! Carol & Mike Bradley will be doing their Luau feast!

Kirk & I asked Bonnie & Carol to take a few moments of their time and jot down a few memories of the many years they spent with Jim & Norma here at the Winery. Here’s what they had to say…

Bias Remembered….

In our minds, Jim & Norma were a working team when it came to this Winery. It is hard to separate them. The two made one complete entity. Their priorities were always to put family first, employees and guests second, and the Winery third in their lives.

When Norma died, Jim wanted to keep “Norma’s” dream alive. He was a kind employer, with a propensity for taking short naps and fixing things with wire and twine. We have laughed and screeched at him many times through the years. Because Jim’s management style has been relaxed, we have formed a strong working team, enjoying each other’s company and helping each other whenever possible.

Jim loves…to eat….old cars….and computers… in that order! We often joke about his traveling by restaurants and eateries, not by roads.

We all have our own special coffee cups at the Winery. Jim has his tiny TWA cup, Bonnie has her well admired “*itch” cup, and Carol has her “I don’t give a Sh**” cup. We would fill our cups with coffee and retire to the veranda to discuss Important issues.

When Jim decided it was time to move on, he was careful to turn the Winery over to people with similar goals. Kirk and Carol Grass are a working unit and with our help, will be perfect for the task.

With love, Carol Bradley & Bonnie Horstmann.

I Remember Norma

By Carol Bradley

I remember Norma having coffee on the patio in the morning and calling my name as I drove up the hill.

I remember Norma dancing with her fingers in the air after a Festival.

I remember Norma sitting off to one side in the large room working on her ledger. She loved to balance her numbers.

I remember Norma working with patience on a cash register after one of the employees messed it up.

I remember Norma laughing her wonderful laugh.

I remember Norma driving the golf cart up in the Vineyard with cold water and staying a while to pick.

I remember Norma listening intently to her children, or a patron with a problem, and very quietly helping them.

I remember Norma’s WONDERFUL noodles. I ate plenty.

I remember Norma asking if it was 5:00 (wine time) yet, to which we always answered “yes” and joined her.

I remember Norma calling my name when she fell after having had radiation.

I remember the phone call early one morning… I will always remember Norma as a kind and patient employer. And best of all…..as a wonderful friend.

Want to buy Bias Wines locally?

If you would like to purchase Bias wines from your local retailer, just ask them to call us and we’ll be happy to make arrangements for them to carry your choice of wines. Or you can contact us with their name and phone number, and we’ll be happy to call them for you.

We are working hard to expand our wholesale market, and are currently working with stores in the Kansas City area, as well as Lake of the Ozarks. We hope to have our wines near you very soon!

Planning a Party?

If you are looking for a unique and memorable experience, plan your next party or reunion here at the Winery. Mike & Carol Bradley will prepare the perfect meal for your group. Don’t forget us for a beautiful location for wedding pictures, showers or family photo shoots. Call 573-834-5475 or 800-905-2427 for reservations.

Join the “Bias Winery Case Club”

Members of the “Bias Winery Case Club” enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase price of their first case of wine, 15% discount on the second and third cases, and a 20% discount on all subsequent case purchases. You can join over the phone if you purchase a case for delivery as well.

Places to Purchase Bias Wine

Washington, MO

3-0-5 Liquor
Schnucks Supermarket
ZuZu’s Petals

New Haven, MO

Fas-Trip Convenience Store
Riverfront Mercantile

Hermann, MO

Loutre’s Market
Village Market

We will be updating this list in our next newsletter, as well as through emails. We’ll also be including the types of wines sold at each location. In the meantime, feel free to call us here at the Winery, and we’ll gladly tell you where you can find your favorite Bias wine near you.

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