The Microbrewery

About our Beers...

At Gruhlke’s, you’ll find up to seven varieties of beer on tap.  We brew seasonal beers, as well as several varieties that we serve year round.  In addition to sampler platters, our beer can now be purchased in Growlers to go!  Stay tuned….we hope to have our beer bottled in the very near future. 

On tap now…..

Gruhlke’s Light
A light American ale with a super smooth flavor.  This beer goes down easy, perfect on a hot summer day.

Missouri Wheat
Wheat malt and Hallertau hops make this recipe a year round delight that is very easy to drink.  A light body with a smooth aftertaste..

Naughty Ale
An India Pale Ale that has plenty of hops!  From the bittering, to the flavoring, to the aroma hops, we’ve created a beer that is clean and crisp!  Enjoy hop fans!!

Black Lager
A smooth European lager, roasted flavors and moderate hop bitterness.  Dark brown color, medium mouthfeel, dry aftertaste.  This “Black Pils” has 3 hop additions!

Chubby Stout
A dark Irish ale with full body and flavor and a creamy head of foam from the added Maltodextrin.  Dark malts and grains prove huge taste.


Nate’s Tripel

Our Tripel contains light Belgian Candi sugar to create a high gravity beer that is golden in color with a creamy white head.  The hops create a mild, spicy character.


Done Did It Dortmunder

Dark gold colored with a mild caramel influence from the Crystal malt.  The hops drive the taste and help give this brew a nice balance with big body and great mouthfeel.

Coming this Spring

European Bock
American Light
American Cream Ale